North Cyprus offers a whole bundle of exciting things for tourists who want to try out new things. The island, with hot and humid summers and gusty, skin piercing winters has a reputation for excitement and revelry. There is the capital Nicosia where one can stumble upon the infinite number of cafes and modern-day bars. The city is trimming with hustle and bustle of everyday traffic thus giving it a feel of a metropolitan. There are other glamorous cities like Kyrenia, Famagusta, Lefke and Guzelyurt as well and each is affluently equipped with its own attractions.


Now let’s steer the wheel a bit and talk about places to go to when you come to North Cyprus for tourism. For starters, there can’t be anything better than the good old Kyrenia Harbor with the pigeons plucking their feed from the ground and filling the ears of the surrounding audience with the majestic swoosh of their wings. The harbour is laced with various cafes, restaurants, hotels and article shops selling local art crafts and souvenirs. There is also the Kyrenia Castle or the Saint Hilarion Castle with its squeaky old doors and wide passageways articulating ancient history from each nook and cranny. Another castle, Buffavento Castle lies just 16 km away from Kyrenia and offers the same nostalgic reminiscence as its sibling.



For people who like to roam around in the Sun, there are a whole bunch of well-developed beaches and beach resorts with spectacular facilities. Another thing that makes North Cyprus take the claim to fame is its very exclusive Turtle Beach where loggerhead turtles come and lay their eggs in the summer.

The explorers can also have a look at the Karpaz Peninsula while they are here in North Cyprus, it is a miraculous and staggering place where time seems to stand still and is located and the very tip of the island. The Karpaz donkey is also a very comical and jocose figure notorious in this area.

The Salamis Ancient ruin still stands to witness the ravaging inflicted by wars and it is blooming with Roman architecture decked with portraits and busts of Greek deities. The invulnerable walls of Famagusta offer a deep thrill for the tourists which were actually constructed to fortify the city against Ottoman troops marching malevolently to raze it to the ground and last but not the least, the ancient city of Soli displays a variety of various mosaics, a decrepit fountain ruin and a Greek basilica which were all widely used by the pre-historic community. All in all, North Cyprus is a great, fun-packed and an enchanting place to surely pay a visit to.


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