We are looking for team-mates!


As Vita in Cyprus team, it is very excited to announce that we are looking for new team-mates! As we are up to startup project, we can provide you some good experiences and a working life in KALTEV which is the first and only Technology Valley in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The positions and requirements are listed below. 

International Marketing Specialist

Research and Development Manager

Graphic Designer

Data Entry Technician

The requirements for all,

  1. Being able to communicate easily in English
  2. Good in human relations
  3. Being able to lead teamworks
  4. Being able to adapt the busy working life
  5. No need to have past experience



For the ones who interested to join us, we are waiting for your contact to us via basvuru@vitaincyprus.com


Utku Doğruyol
Co-Founder of Vita in Cyprus   

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